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Even Dragons Dance

Christopher Kastensmidt
12 September
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  • ckastens@livejournal.com
For the time being, this is my one and only official website. If you're looking for things related to my close friends Gerard van Oost and Oludara, try eamb.org.

I'm Christopher Kastensmidt. My day job is Creative Director for Ubisoft Entertainment Porto Alegre. My night job is teaching game design at Centro Universitário Feevale. My hobby is writing, but even my mother can't stand what I write. Nevertheless, some of my work has found its way into print.

Fiction bibliography.
Poetry bibliography.
Video game softology.
Academic bibliography.

If you friend me, please send me a message to let me know you'll be hanging around and how you found my blog. I will most likely friend you back. A large portion of my posts are friend-locked for one reason or another, so you will find out a lot of the more sordid details that way. :)