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Realms of Fantasy's hundredth issue

Realms of Fantasy reaches issue 100!  How many short fiction magazines can share that claim to fame?

In Shawna McCarthy's editorial, she mentions RoF will soon begin taking electronic submissions and poetry submissions.  Great news for readers and writers!

As long-time readers here know, I've been a fan of RoF for many years, and I'm extremely thankful I've had the chance to be published there.  I'm also a big fan of douglascohen and shawnam

So huge congrats to everyone at Realms of Fantasy!

And best of luck with the next hundred. ;)
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Two SALES in Brazil!

I don't have the contracts yet, but both of these have been announced by the publishers, so...

1) I sold first Brazilian Portuguese rights to "The Parlous Battle of Gerard and Oludara against the Capelobo" (hereafter to be known in this blog as "Parlous Battle") to Devir!  This is the same company that published "Fortuitous Meeting" as a pocket book in Brazil, and "Parlous Battle" will come out in the same format, again coupled with a story by Roberto Sousa de Causo.

This will be the first time I've sold a story first to a publication outside the English-speaking world.  I'm also in discussions with another country, so it could conceivably published multiple times before finding a home in English.

This is a story I finished back in 2008, but I didn't send out until "Fortuitous Meeting" hit the shelves.  I wanted to make sure the characters got a fair introduction.  After that, one U.S. publisher held it close to a year, so it still hasn't made the rounds.  But I didn't want to hold it up any longer in Brazil, because a lot of people are asking for it.  In the meantime, I'll continue to look for a publisher for the English version who wants first English rights and not first world rights.

2) Argonautas accepted my invite-only anthology submission entitled "As They Appear", a fantasy set during the Brazilian inquisition.  It will be published  in the third volume of the Sagas series.

Thanks again to aliettedb , remus_shepherd , idiosyncreant , and xjenavivex for  the emergency critiques!  Great suggestions, most of which made it into the final draft.

- I'll be participating in launches for both these books at Fantasticon in São Paulo in August.  Fantasticon is Brazil's largest conference dedicated to fantasy fiction, and one of my favorite cons, so I'm excited to get two signing slots there.

Photos from the Nebs

I just posted a some photos from the weekend over at the EAMB website:

I'm not going to repost them all here for lack of time, but I will put up my favorite as a teaser:

Note: I left out a lot of pics and just posted the ones which came out the best.  I think I have close to a hundred total.  If you took a picture with me over the weekend and would like it, drop me a PM or e-mail and I'll send it over.
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Please don't beg...

I'll do it for you.

I got back from my trip to discover ballots for the Hugos and World Fantasy Awards in my inbox.  Since I still have awards on the brain, I'd like to mention a few friends up for them (even though most of them need no introduction).

I'm not asking for votes.  Quite the opposite, I'm not even going to discuss the merits of their works.  That is for you to decide.  What I am going to ask is to please consider their work before you cast your ballot.  It's easy to just leave out categories, especially on a long ballot like the Hugo.

- Best Fan Writer
Stephen H. Silver has been nominated 12 times for the Hugo and never won one.  He is one of the nicest people I know, giving his time over and over again to the community.  It would make me infinitely happy to see him take home a trophy for so many years of hard work.

- Best Novelette
Aliette is another wonderful person, and has been a huge influence on me as a writer.  You will see me sing her praise for many years to come...

- John W. Campbell
The Campbell only comes around once, and this is Saladin Ahmed's last year in the running.

Other friends on my ballot:
- Rachel Swirsky  "The Lady Who Plucked Red Flowers beneath the Queen's Window"
- Mary Robinette Kowal "For Want of a Nail"
- N.K. Jemisin "The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms"
- Eric James Stone "That Leviathan, Whom Thou Hast Made"

Best of luck to all!

As for World Fantasy, I am going to toss out a couple of recommendations not on the Hugo ballot.  Finder by Terri-Lynne DeFino is a great novel which probably hasn't been read nearly as much as it should. 

For Special Award - Professional, I'd say that Shawna McCarthy (Realms of Fantasy) and Scott A. Andrews (Beneath Ceaseless Skies) both deserve a lot more recognition for the work they've done with fantasy.

My favorite short fantasy of last year was Caroline M. Yoachim's "Stone Wall Truth".  And a wonderful story that has been ignored for the awards is Jason Sanford's "The Never Never Wizard of Apalachicola".  Both those last two fall into the short story category for WFC, as does a certain story I published last year...

And on that note, I'll finish up with my final offer of a free electronic copy (PDF, MOBI, or EPUB) of "The Fortuitous Meeting of Gerard van Oost and Oludara" to anyone who is nominating this year.  Or, if you're on my friends list, you don't even have to be nomininating. :)
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Back home

Just finished the 20-hour trip back home.  I haven't read anything here in at least a week, please tell me if I missed anything good.

The Nebula Weekend was spectacular, I enjoyed every minute.  And it was wonderful having Fernanda there to share it with me.  Huge congrats to the winners, especially first-timers rachel_swirsky  and ericjamesstone .  You've become a part of history!

Whenever I get caught up here, I'll post some pictures to The Elephant and Macaw Banner and link to them here.
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Happy Easter and congratulations

First off, Happy Easter to all!

Here's a picture of the family today, right after finding everything the Easter Bunny left for us.

And a lot of my friends are having an extra-special Easter...

First off, aliettedb won the BSFA Award for Best Short Fiction, a bit of news that hasn't gotten a whole lot of publicity this Easter weekend. Congrats, Aliette!

And some news that will be getting publicity this week, congrats to the Hugo and Campbell finalists!  Many names from the f-list to congratulate:

saladinahmed - Campbell
shsilver - Best Fan Writer
maryrobinette , kijjohnson - Best Short Story
aliettedb , ericjamesstone - Best Novelette
rachel_swirsky  - Best Novella
nojojojo - Best Novel
And congrats to Tony C. Smith and StarShipSofa for Best Fanzine!

All I can say is WOO-HOO!  Congrats to all, and best of luck in Reno!  I'll be there to cheer you on.
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Explaining Sword & Sorcery

The Hero's Journey, according to Joseph Campbell:

1. The Call to Adventure
2. Refusal of the Call
3. Supernatural Aid
4. The Crossing of the First Threshold
5. Belly of The Whale
6. The Road of Trials
7. The Meeting With the Goddess
8. Woman as Temptress
9. Atonement with the Father
10. Apotheosis
11. The Ultimate Boon
12. Refusal of the Return
13. The Magic Flight
14. Rescue from Without
15. The Crossing of the Return Threshold
16. Master of Two Worlds
17. Freedom to Live

The Hero's Journey, according to Robert E. Howard:

1. Feel like kicking some ass
2. Go out and kick it
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What *is* salmon flavor?

According to my cheese dip, it is:
- soy protein
- maltodextrin
- monosodium glutamate
- silicon dioxide
- smoke aroma

Yummy!  Pass me another!

This has been your deep thought for the week...

Disclaimer: The above combination tastes nothing remotely like salmon, which is why I read the ingredients in the first place.