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Christopher Kastensmidt


A Dance with Dragons just appeared on my Kindle.  Damn.  That's going to be nagging at me for a few months, because I don't have time to read that monster right now.


I am now a Srivener adept.  I took advantage of the Write-a-Thon to get myself a little organized with The Elephant and Macaw Banner stories.  I have to keep track of nine of them just for the first novel.  Characters come in and out of them, and between notes, backups, and revisions (and waiting years between writing them), I just started getting lost.

So I  tested out three writing softwares I've been wanting to try for years: Celtx, Liquid Story Binder and Scrivener.  I went with Scrivener and what a difference!  I've unified all the stories and notes into a single file.  I can access anything I want with a click.

I bow to the many writers who have recommended it over the years.

Now, back to writing!
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