Christopher Kastensmidt (ckastens) wrote,
Christopher Kastensmidt

Getting back on the horse

I revised a story today that I wrote in 2005 and trunked in 2008.  At the time of trunking, the story had racked up 20 rejections.  However, half those rejections contained nice comments about the story, and at least three times I came very close to selling it, including a rewrite request I never got around to doing.  I never gave up on the story though, I just needed some time off from it.

So today I dusted it off, gave it a massive revision, and sent it out.  The basic plot is still there, but I improved the telling dramatically.  What a difference three years makes...

Time to do a lot more of that.


In another bit of news, it's now official, I'm an invited guest to the first ever Literary Festival of Paracatu!

Paracutu is a small town in the middle of Brazil and is a national heritage site, so I'm very much looking forward to the visit.  This invite is a huge honor for me.

More on that later.
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