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Catching up...

I wish I could catch up, I really do.  There's so much to share about Lynx and everything else going on in my life, but time continues short.

But I now have just ten weeks to write my dissertation, which I have to do between consulting and teaching, not to mention my #1 priority, Lynx, so I'm going to have to stay off the Internet as much as possible.  Fiction writing and related activities also need to go on hold, unfortunately.

But before I go, here are a few happy things to share that have happened over the last month or so.

1) First up, book covers!  Here are the Brazilian covers for Gerard and Oludara adventure #2 ("A Parlous Battle"), and for an invite-only anthology called The Witch Hammer with my story "As They Appear...":


The books were launched simultaneously in São Paulo a few weeks back, so they share the distinction of the first time I've had a story published in another language before it was published in English.

I am very pleased with both stories, they've been getting excellent reviews all around.  They are two of the best I've written, the kind of stories that make me go and trunk all my older work.  I hope to publish both in English next year, but while publishing in Brazil has become much easier (I've turned down three anthology invites recently for lack of time), publishing in the U.S. seems to be getting harder.  Go figure.

2) I've been receiving a lot of honors lately.  The city council of Novo Hamburgo (one of the places I teach) gave me a "vote of congratulations" for winning the Realms of Fantasy Readers' Choice Award.  That's not something you see every day.

And I also recieved a gorgeous trophy for participating in the National Literary Journey, where "Fortuitous Meeting" was named as a "work of distinction in forming new readers".  Beautiful.

Writing hasn't been financially rewarding this year, but it has been just plain old rewarding.

There are some opportunities on the horizon, though.  As soon as I wrap up the dissertation I can focus on those, and see if I can't turn writing into more of a career in 2012.
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